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Hot stuff from Rietberg – the Frostkrone Group

Together we're strong. It's true: frostkrone is not on its own. There are seven of us in the Group, a really hot septet.

Our heart lies in Germany in the area of East Westphalia but our Company Group is active right across the globe, sending out a powerful message to all the world markets. And we really love such a setup. You should get a taste of all this, too!

We've got seven locations where we work magic, conjuring up the most appetising cheese delicacies, savoury cream cheese fillings, scrumptious creamy delights, sweet confectionery, red-hot pizza pockets to suit every taste and imaginative buffet selections taken from all the four corners of the world. We can make more out of a potato than anybody else and it is always our latest creations that set the pace for all others to follow.

Roughly 900 employees throughout the world develop innovational finger food ideas. These tasty little works of art are guaranteed to make everyone ravenous for such a new dimension in snacks, finger food bursting with quality and tailor-made to suit your tastes and wishes.

frostkrone, Bornholter, Piz’wich, Varenne Gastronomie, Rite Stuff Foods, Innovate Foods and Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd.: we are the ones who make the new kind of top-quality snacks to die for. And they are perfectly seasoned to suit your culinary wishes. You just have to try them!


Press and News from the cooking kitchen!

Wow, so many new things happen at our end! Our communication ladies from the press department are constantly providing news. Here you will learn everything about the frostkrone group in finest journalist style. Who, what, where, when, how, why and where from? Red-hot information served to you quickly and directly.

Rietberg/Germany, 6 April 2021. The Frostkrone Food Group is delighted to acquire another business in Great Britain – Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd. as a...
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Rietberg/Germany, 25 March 2021. From April onwards Markus Bach as the new CFO of the Frostkrone Food Group will be consolidating the strength of the...
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frostkrone is expanding its Crunchy Homies range and adding Paprinos Rietberg/Germany, 01 March 2021. The crispy delights have upped their game: the...
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Hunger pangs? We're here to help you!

Did we whet your appetite? We are keen on serving you and matching your favourite wishes. We know our finger food fans out there and how to quicken their appetite. Our recipe – cool products for crispy chances for success. Hungry for more information? Pick up contact with us - it's your choice!

Frostkrone Food Group

Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 28
D-33397 Rietberg

+49 5244 90 36 0


The direct line to the right contact person!

If you would like to contact one of our finger food makers directly, you will find ways and means here.

CEO Frostkrone Food Group
Phone: +49 5244 90 36 - 0

Frédéric Dervieux
CEO Frostkrone Food Group

Piz’wich Europe
Phone: +33 3 29 09 26 70

Piz’wich Europe

Varenne Gastronomie
Phone: +33 (0) 2 32 09 52 60

Varenne Gastronomie

Rite Stuff Foods
Phone: +1 (208) 324-8410

John MacArthur
Rite Stuff Foods