frostkrone continues to expand

Acquisition of Varenne Gastronomie

Rietberg, November 20, 2018. The French company Varenne Gastronomie becomes part of the frostkrone Holding. Thus, the group of companies adds exquisite finger food to its product range and continues to expand its international presence - following the acquisition of snack manufacturer Piz'wich in April this year. "So we are strengthening our position in the market and pursuing our growth targets in a stringent and future-oriented manner," explains Frédéric Dervieux, managing partner of frostkrone Tiefkühlkost GmbH.

Already back in 1998, Varenne Gastronomie already specialised in creating and manufacturing of fine finger food from high-quality, natural, untreated ingredients; ideal to accompany an aperitif or cocktail as well as served as small appetiser. The product
developers rely on natural, selected raw materials and spices from all over the world to develop special experiences of indulgence. Thanks to continuous development, the company is also proficient in the manufacture of creations from rice leaves and real brick
dough in large quantities. The product portfolio of Varenne Gastronomie includes, among other items, mini Corolles, Bouchées en feuille de brick (snack-sized bites in brick dough), mini croustillants and Pastilla.

Mini Corolles, from thin wheat pancakes in flower shape, crispy baked and filled with vegetables, cheese, coquilles Saint Jacques or shrimps, are often served to accompany an aperitif.

Bouchées en feuille de brick are small, crispy surprises in creatively designed shapes (for example like a rose bud, candy or lolly) with savoury fillings. Originally coming from the Maghreb, Pastilla is a very popular crispy appetiser filled with cheese, meat or fish.

Made from very thin and crispy wheat dough with a filling of first-class vegetables, meat or cheese, the mini croustillants are available as small Aumônières, rolls or triangles. The delicate appetisers are quickly and easily prepared in the oven.
Shaping a successful future together Frédéric Dervieux is convinced: "In order to continue being successful, it is important to offer our retail and food service customers a varied and tailor-made range of deep-frozen finger foods and snacks.
With Varenne Gastronomie, we now have a partner at our side that is extremely well versed in the creation and manufacture of fine finger food.” Also Dr. Christian Näther, Senior Partner of EMERAM Capital Partners GmbH and a major investor of the frostkrone Group, underlines the relevance of the transaction: “By acquiring Varenne Gastronomie, we are strengthening the position of frostkrone in Europe and particularly in France.

Varenne Gastronomie continues to be operationally managed by founder and managing director Richard Ortiz and remains as a brand as before. "I am proud and honoured to become part of the frostkrone team, contributing to the growth targets envisaged and
giving a new impetus to Varenne Gastronomie", declares Richard Ortiz. Since 2013, frostkrone has been continuously on the road to success. Innovation and competence in deep-frozen finger foods and snacks is what makes the company so successful. frostkrone convinces its customers at home and abroad with a wide and varied assortment. In particular, the export market was continuously expanded in recent years.

The current product range is presently delivered throughout Europe, among others to Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and Switzerland. In 2017, additional Eastern European countries were added, such as Slovakia, the Czech
Republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. Likewise the products are delivered to the USA. "Both companies work closely together already today and in future, we will be able to make better use of synergies and can jointly drive innovation," Frédéric Dervieux is convinced.

Varenne Gastronomie was founded in 1998. The company is specialised in design and manufacture of elaborately shaped, high-quality finger food creations. Its customers include well-known partners from the food service as well as food retailers.
At the company headquarters in Val de Reuil, Varenne Gastronomie has a modern production facility. The company is IFS certified and employs a staff of 125 people.

frostkrone is specialised in the manufacture and distribution of deep-frozen Finger Food & Snack products. Since its foundation in 1997, the company has established itself as innovative market shaper for convenience frozen food.
frostkrone distinguishes itself by providing a large variety of Finger Food and distributes its products in the food retail trade as well as in the Food Service sector and also online. The frostkrone-group operates two modern production facilities, located in Rietberg and Verl.